CCC Consultants

Harry Coleman


Harry’s 29 year career with P&G included 9+ years in the leading edge External Business Development (EBD) organization where he was one of the leaders in practicing Open Innovation and licensing.  As leader of the EBD team for Household Care he was responsible the development and implementation of Open Innovation strategies working directly with senior management.  He personally negotiated dozens of intellectual property transactions, specializing in complex, unusual, new-to-the-world situations.  He also has 20 years experience in P&G R&D, giving him firsthand experience with the product development process and a unique perspective on Open Innovation as both a user and “connector” .  Having worked with both large multi-nationals and small, entrepreneurial start-ups he can “speak both languages” and navigate between vastly different business cultures & environments.

Consulting Expertise

  • Open Innovation Strategy & Management– creating and OI strategy, setting up an OI organization for success, creating the appropriate culture for OI, and the practice of finding, evaluating and procuring external innovation as well as ongoing management of deals/relationships.
  • Open Innovation Execution– Finding external innovations, managing initial connections, structuring and negotiating intellectual property transactions – especially creative structures.
  • Facilitating Asymmetrical Relationships– Helping large corporations connect with small-medium size enterprises/academia/individual entrepreneurs and vice-versa regarding innovation.  Generally large & small businesses struggle to communicate well with each other leading to frustration and missed opportunities.  Having worked extensively with small companies, Harry understands both sides.


2005-2008 Director, External Business Development, Procter & Gamble
1999-2005 Assoc. Director, External Business Development, Procter & Gamble
1997-1999 Assoc. Director, Coffee New Product Development, Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati)
1992-1997 Assoc. Director, Japan & China Laundry Product Development, Procter & Gamble (Kobe, Japan & Guangzhou, China)
1986-1992 Section Head, Asia Laundry Product Development, Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati)
1981-1986 Group Leader, Paper and Laundry Product Development, Procter & Gamble
1979-1981 Engineer, Canada Laundry Product Development, Procter & Gamble (Cincinnati)


  • Certified Licensing Professional®, Licensing Executives Society


  • Procter & Gamble
  • Irving Place Capital

BS, ChE, Carnegie-Mellon University